What Are We Waiting For?

Don't think I've forgotten what this blog about. And a question that seems to be occurring to me lately is this - are we just waiting for technology and politicians? Or is there something we can do to help the journey to 450 along - hopefully so that we actually manage it.

On the one hand, it seems fairly obvious from our election system that one individual doesn't have a lot of political power in the United States. And we don't have a lot of commercial power, either - we can choose a particular path, but that doesn't really affect the fortunes of the companies involved.

On the other hand, though, individuals have their own sort of power. A technical term might be something like "functional organizational and inspirational ability" or something, but whatever - we all have the power to convince and motivate other people.

I'm not talking about petitions or letters to congressmen - although these are good things. More than anything, it's the people we deal with every day that often need convincing.

Friends, in particular. Of course they don't need to be a climate change activist to be your friend - but have they heard about the decline of fisheries? Or the feedback cycles involving methane that might be starting? Or solar power?

At some point or another, a bunch of individuals turn into a group of people - and groups of people have political and economic power.

So start convincing people. Explain these things to them. Write a letter to the editor. Remember that the point is to make them say "Huh, that's interesting" - not for them to change their mind.

That's how the real work will start. Environmental work so far is more of a political game of appeasement - it must become something that's deeply ingrained in our minds. We have to start doing more.

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