Civil Disobedience? Civil Disobedience!

So I've been hearing a lot about the civil disobedience planned for Monday at the coal plant that helps run the Capitol building in Washington D.C..

Among other things, it appears to have already worked - Nancy Pelosi issued a letter suggesting that the plant switch over to %100 renewables.

Let's dig a little deeper. Beginning civil disobedience actions is a bit of a turning point - I say a bit because so far it's only been the one event. On the surface, it seems like this is just an expansion on the old tactics some environmentalists have been using (and are still using) today - things like chaining themselves to trees, or chasing whalers around the ocean.

But when we start talk about marches containing thousands of people - that feels like a turning point. It feels different - this isn't an event that consists of the most extremist environmentalists around. Potentially - since it hasn't happened yet - this could open people's eyes that this movement is gaining ground. This might make some progress in filling in the gap in most people's minds between themselves and environmentalists.

So is the civil disobedience ball rolling? Maybe not yet - but this seems like a good start. And Pelosi's response is good, too - even though it feels political.

We'll find out what'll happen, I suppose.

If you're going, though, just remember that you're a representative, not just a marcher.

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