The stimulus

So, currently, Congress is going back and forth in their classic style over stimulating the economy ("We need stimulus now!" "Right! Let's just get these revisions past the House..."), and it just keeps coming back to one place for me. At the core, this is really about consumer habits - along with those damn executives, I suppose - so it puts me in mind of the political/social challenge behind getting people motivated about the climate.

Basically, people need to save more and risk less. Right? But we've all got our routines - and, more to the point, our budgets and our salaries - and with all the government money flying around who really knows if people will absorb the idea that something basic has to change.

Well, so. Reacting to climate change is just as basic, and just as difficult. Does that scare people?

Personally, I think trying to find a way to compost things while living in an apartment is kinda fun.

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