Political Anti-Environmentalism

There are times that I've wondered what I'd do to help turn around some of the mistakes the human race indulges itself in. It's just idle thought, and depending on my mood a lot of different answers can come to mind.

So I can kind of understand where Marc Morano (who works for senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma) comes from - apparently, he's asked himself what he would do to for the cause of anti-regulation.

Unfortunately for the world, his answer is apparently to lie.

Joseph Romm, operating off of information from Thinkprogress's WonkRoom, has an interesting look at the network Morano has set up.

All I really have to say about this is this: believe in a cause, but don't lie for it. If you believe in that cause then it should be strong enough to survive a few answers of "I don't know" - and if you can't support your cause without knowingly twisting the truth, maybe it's time to think about getting out of it. Before you start doing damage.

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