Arctic Explorer-Bloggers

So there are some explorers trekking up to the North Pole, taking measurements of ice thickness the whole way - and they're blogging it! Yay technology!

It's pretty cool, on a scientific-reality-show level (or maybe just active travel documentary). And, on one level, it's good to see technology and the media (albeit, the British media) pushing the environment and scientific efforts to test climate change to the forefront of the culture (ha right).

But let's throw our thoughts into the future, shall we? What are they going to find?

It's not that I'm worried that their results will disprove global warming and cause my whole pro-regulation Al Gore house of cards to come tumbling down. The real danger isn't really what they discover - chances are, though, that if they find anything remotely scientific, the media is going to make a big thing about it. I mean, based on the investment the BBC has already put into it, I don't see how they can't.

Here's the thing - their measurements are just one part of the hugely complex chaotic puzzle of the climate. They're taking a series of measurements, yeah, but that's like taking a photo of the movie and figuring out the plot just based off that one photo. In the end, they might end up with some useful data - and I'm sure their photographer will bring back beautiful pictures, and I'm sure their documentary efforts will reveal a strange world we don't think about much, etc etc - but the truth about climate change won't be changed based on what they discover. Added to? Sure. Changed? No. We have consensus already.

I'll still be following this, though. It's kind of like a new episode of Planet Earth, but with over-worked scientists instead of David Attenborough (which, perhaps, is not a good trade - but don't tell them).

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