A return to the idea of Wind

So in the past, I spent some time covering wind power (you can see right over there on the toolbar), but more and more I've started to realize that maybe I'm not really covering the right thing about wind power, because all I really ended up talking about was big propellers on top of big poles (or, in a drastic departure, small propellers on small poles).

Which is why it's so cool when I stumble onto something super-neat like using kites to generate incredible amounts of wind power.

It sounds ridiculous because it kind of is. Or maybe it's not as ridiculous as it is audacious - the speaker's words. Either way, it really comes down to exploiting the simple fact that wind is more powerful higher up - just, without building a big pole.

Video is only 6 minutes, so take the time - and next time I decided to drop by this blog thing I think I'll do something on the other super-neat wind invention, vertical axis turbines.

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