Obama Continues Being Awesome; Former President Still an Asshole

Despite his apparently greying hair, President Obama has continued to b awesome when it comes to undoing the anti-scientific agenda of the president who came before him.

The latest news of the awesomeness is that he's trying to undo the former president's decree that federal officials don't have to talk to experts about whether or not they'll harm the environment when they do things. According to the New York Times:

In brief remarks, the president said he had signed the memorandum to “help restore the scientific process to its rightful place” in the working of the Endangered Species Act.

“We should be looking for ways to improve it, not weaken it,” Mr. Obama said of the act, according to a pool report. The president said it was “false” to say people must choose between economic growth and environmental protection.

Which is absolutely, unequivocally right.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to be hilarious - some have condemned Obama's change because it may delay needed stimulus projects - because, you know, they might hurt the environment, or something?

I can sympathize a little bit with anti-regulation policy makers, even if I think they need to take a closer look at human interactions and stop treating an Economics 101 textbook as an exhaustive guide to understanding human behavior, but this is just too ironic. Come on, people. Don't you listen to the things you say?

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