How Coffee can solve the Climate Crisis

I may not be the richest person around, but there's no doubt that I'm not in danger due to extreme poverty. To that end, I drink a lot of coffee - it's a luxury good, at its core, really. But coffee is one of those luxuries that becomes a way of life, really. At the moment (a moment distinctly lacking in coffee), it feels like a way of life, anyway.

But at the same time, if everything goes according to plan and the coffee I make in the morning doesn't taste like its gone bad or whatever, I don't really give it much of a second thought (except when I'm drinking it and then all my thoughts are of its deliciousness). It's just what happens.

For me, coffee as a part of waking up is important. Changing that results in bad things (such as nonsensical blog posts).

But society is heading towards a change. Explosive population growth, consequences of industry - social revolutions.

To tie up this lame and absurd thought experiment, knowing what coffee does for me is the first step towards preparing for a day when I won't have it. Along the same lines, we all need to take stock of what society is, what it does for us - and what's most important and should be preserved.

And clearly, what's most important is coffee.

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  1. A day without coffee is a sad day, indeed.
    Just like... a day without clean air to breathe? Yeah!