And it continues...

Fishing experts think that there's going to be a major change to fish populations as the oceans respond to climate change.

It's no secret that commercial fishing is already incredibly destructive - fish are, basically, not used to being scooped out of the ocean by nets whose mouths make a circle 900 meters around (big). In fact, off-shore fishing is one of the most fuel-intensive food sources we have, right behind beef.

Because of things like industrial fishing, every oceanic fishery in the world is either at peak output already or in decline. Not to be depressing, or anything.

Climate change has wide-reaching effects is the short story. Can we, as a species, adapt and survive? Yeah. But do we really want to? And is it worth the destruction? I'd hope that an intelligent species would answer no. (Market forces, on the other hand, may be answering for us...)

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